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Throughout the Mediterranean region, the olive tree has been enjoyed since ancient times. Most people know the health benefits of olive oil. It’s the centerpiece of the Mediterranean diet — perhaps the healthiest diet in the world. Few people know that there is far greater health-giving power in the leaves of the olive tree. Discover Olife to Nourish Yourself With The Tree of Life.

Evergreen Life: A Worldwide Family

Founded by father and son, Livio and Luigi Pesle, Evergreen Life is a family business — and today our family is growing all over the world. Our vision is simple: to create a brighter future for millions of people worldwide.

Rooted in the ancient lands of the Mediterranean, we honor the richness of nature, and we embrace the gifts of science. Family is our foundation, and our values are loyalty, truthfulness and service to others.

We know that together we can change more lives, build more prosperity, and spread more joy, than any one of us could alone.

Because together, we are always growing greater.



Olivum®, our exclusive olive tree leaves’ water infusion, is the main ingredient of all our products. Starting from the properties of this extraordinary plant we rediscovered the past making it contemporary.


Our Evergreen Life Partners Speak About Olife, their Business Success and Evergreen Life

Whatever your goals, Evergreen Life can take you there