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Olive Leaves Contain the Highest Concentrations of Nature’s Most Healing Nutrients. OLIFE is a Pure Infusion of Olive Leaves.

OLIFE is a Unique, Patented* Nutritional Breakthrough.
All Across Europe, People are Falling in Love with this Product.
Be Among the First to Bring OLIFE to the US — and improve Your Health and Financial Destiny


What do they say about us? There are some testimony about who have tried our products and proved the quality.

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Vatta Barbara the 18/09/2014 has wroten:

My natural Drugs

David Pérez the 08/04/2014 has wroten:

¡Hola a todos! Soy David Pérez, Venezolano, tengo 39 años. Soy Vegetariano desde los 17 años. Cuando el producto OLIFE llego a mi vida, hace unas cinco semana; estaba pasando por una fuerte crisis matrimonial, que me saturaba de estrés y se me reflejaba en dolorosas y sangrantes hemorroides las cuales no me permitían sentirme a gusto. Llegando al extremo de casi no poder ni sentarme por largo rato o caminar a gusto por tener la sensación de que estaba sangrando. Ir al baño representaba para mí una verdadera tortura. Comencé a tomar OLIFE, por recomendación de un amigo italiano; y en solo dos semanas ya sentía como todo se normalizaba. El dolor tan atroz y el sangrado desaparecieron totalmente. Hoy cinco semanas después puedo confirmar que me encuentro muy bien y las hemorroides me han desaparecido en un 95%. Además he notado, que mi ansiedad por tomar café o dulces se he eliminado totalmente, lo que por consecuencia me ha ayudado a perder peso, sentirme con más energía, vitalidad y ánimos para seguir adelante con todos mis proyectos. He decidido promocionar los productos de EverGreenLife porque siento un deber ético y moral, de darle a conocer estos productos a la mayor cantidad posible de personas.

Francesca the 22/09/2013 has wroten:

I drink OLIFE every day in the morning, since the first days I have experienced great benefits particularly I have a better mood and much more energy, it was long time before that I was feeling so positive and energetic and I arrive at the end of the day without feeling tired. Now I will drink my cup a day for ever, I really need it!

VECCHI SABRINA the 21/09/2013 has wroten:

Protocol n°10 Patient with glycemic value 320, with 2 pills reduced to 280. After drinking 70 ml OLIFE in the morning for 8 days glycemic value reduced to 180, after 15 days glycemic value down to 113!!! Thankyou OLIFE! Naturopath Vecchi Sabrina

marco pirovano the 20/09/2013 has wroten:

To the kind attention of Mr. Livio Pesle and Family. It is now 4 months that I joined Evergreen Life and I have realized a very important thing: how beautiful it is to help the others. I have understood that the most rewarding thing I have done recently is the fact that I could help my father who had one stroke and got great relief from OLIFE. I whish that you Mr Rossi and Adriano continue to help me in this fantastic activity. OLIFE is just great, I drink it regularly Thank you.

MARCON EMANUELA the 17/09/2013 has wroten:

A friend of mine is suffering from a serious illness, she is drinking OLIFE since several months and is a good diuretic and helps a lot one cortisone therapy she is following.

VECCHI SABRINA the 17/09/2013 has wroten:

Protocol n°10 Patient with insomnia problems, kidneys deficiency after 15 days of OLIFE sleeps well and is urinating normally. Naturopath Vecchi Sabrina.

VECCHI SABRINA the 17/09/2013 has wroten:

Protocol n° 9 Patient with glycemic values reduced by 50% after only 20 days of regular consumption of OLIFE Naturopath Vecchi Sabrina

Loredana - Trieste the 16/09/2013 has wroten:

Thanks to a god friend of mine on March this year I have started to drink OLIFE regularly. To me is a fantastic product. I was suffering from blood circulation problems at night (legs) they disappeared. I feel much better, have got lots of energy and have lost 12 kg. in 6 months!! I suggest to everybody to drink it regularly. Thak you Paolo to have introduced OLIFE to me.

VECCHI SABRINA the 16/09/2013 has wroten:

Protocol n°8 Chronic fatigue from stress Liver problems. With regular consumption of 70 ml OLIFE per day after one month good mental and physical energy. Naturopath Vecchi Sabrina

CECONE ROSANNA the 13/09/2013 has wroten:

Hallo to everybody, I noticed from lots of friend the effects of OJELLY, particularly in case of convalescence, severe illness therapies, weakness. Great help, great food!!!

marcello costanzi the 11/09/2013 has wroten:

My name is Marcello Costanzi, I had myocardial stoke 8 years ago. I was under drugs morning and evening every day. When I met Evergreen Life initially I was skeptical but I said I must try! I did not wanted to be drugs addicted. After one month of OLIFE I have reduced all the drugs. My old uncle used to cure her diabetes with olive leaves (very bitter decoctions). If it works for that must be good for lots of things I thought. I feel very well, I am an Evergreen Life Distributors, I am 62 years old and I can still do my job (I hope for little time) of BODY GARD.

GAGLIARDI SILVIA the 01/09/2013 has wroten:

Olibody: excellent after sun lotion particularly after sun burns. I use it also everyday as body cream after the shower because it is quickly absorbed by the skin and gives a long lasting freshness feeling. It helps also to get rid of unpleasant feet odor provided it is used regularly every day.

Oliday and Olininght: I use both creams regularly since 6 months and finally I have got rid of my eye wrinkles which with other more expensive creams never disappeared.

VECCHI SABRINA the 30/08/2013 has wroten:

Hi to everybody, I have already written in the past, I am one olistic medical doctor from Brescia, today I whish to speak about three new cases:

Protocol n°5 Patient with high blood pressure 110 minimum 190 maximum with 100 ml Olife every day after 30 days blood pressure 85/145

Protocol n° 6 Patient with shoulder pain deriving from a 20 years old trauma after drinking regularly Olife (70 ml per day) pain disappeared and lost 8 kg.

Protocol n°7 Patient effected by Psoriasis since 40 years after 2 month of Olife daily consumption and application of Olibody 3/6 times per days the Psoriasis have been sensibly reduced.

ROMANO GIULIA the 28/08/2013 has wroten:

The sea was full of jelly fishes ?and it was difficult to see them while swimming?.Excellent Olibody cured my inflammation, have applied it every 15 minutes during the first hour?After that the inflammation was gone, remedy tested and result confirmed, Giulia.

morino maria the 27/08/2013 has wroten:

I drink Olife only since two weeks but have already noticed the first benefits: I am much more happy and quiet, I feel a lot more positive energy.... and the nervous hanger diminished for me is a miracle. Maria.

PICCIONI ANTONELLA the 21/08/2013 has wroten:

It is now three moth that my Mom and myself drink Olife, extraordinary product which have solved many problems. First of all regularized my menstruations, I never had them regularly every 28 days and also eliminated the usual pain!!!Sine one year I suffered of one ears pain which could not get rid of with antibiotics, with Olife no more pain! Have no more nervous hanger and much more energy. My mother got rid of her chronic constipation, have regularized the cholesterol level in the blood , has more energy and no more night cramps what can I say EVVIVA OLIFE, will keep on drinking it forever!!!!

adriana zappacosta the 20/08/2013 has wroten:

Hi everybody! I am Adriana from Pescara I am 53 years old, I regularly drink Olife since few months. I have solved my insomnia problems, regularized my blood pressure, lost weight (3 kg In two weeks). I have calmed down my anxiety and depression symptoms, all menopause symptoms drastically reduced. Thank you Olife!!!

SGANDURRA ELVIRA the 15/08/2013 has wroten:

Hallo! Since one month and three weeks I dink Olife also more several times per day, because I like the taste. This product has influenced in one incredible way my body!! It has completely cured my esophagitis for which I was suffering since several years and I was trying to cure with Omeprazen 20 mg, two pills per day. Now I do not need it anymore!! Than I got rid of cystitis. I feel great and warmly invite everybody who reads these testimonials to try this fantastic product of Mr. Pesle. Best whishes to everybody.

antonella michielin the 10/08/2013 has wroten:

Hi to everybody I am Antonella, I drink Olife with all my family since one year. This has been our choice to improve our life style, in fact with a little more attention to the diet and the daily consumption of Olife our life quality has been drastically improved. I could bring up lots of examples like better energy, better mood, improvement of blood circulation , winter without colds and flues but the biggest good surprise I had this spring. Since when I was a little girl, I was suffering from allergic rhinitis, this year nothing at all not a single sneeze! Thank you and good Olife to everybody!

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