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I had a dream

Olive Leaves Contain the Highest Concentrations of Nature’s Most Healing Nutrients. OLIFE is a Pure Infusion of Olive Leaves.

OLIFE is a Unique, Patented* Nutritional Breakthrough.
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Many years ago, in one of my travels, I met a doctor in the Island of Cyprus, who explained to me how his grandfather cured hundreds of people with olive tree leaves’ water infusions. Since then, a firm desire: to make available this precious aliment to a vast number of people.


Ten years ago I changed my life and I started to produce niche products in my farm on the hills next to Rosazzo’s Abbey, in the Friuli Eastern Hills. Since then I started to gather more information on olive tree leaves, to complete what I learned during my travels in the Eastern Mediterranean basin.


And, during that time, I started my first experiments: preparing olive tree leaves’ water infusions and decoctions pleasant to the palate and unaltered in their active principles.


After having verified personally, together with my family, the extraordinary effects of my olive tree leaves’ water infusions, and having noticed that olive tree leaves’ extracts in the last years have become increasingly popular and diffused in the USA, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand and Northern Europe, I decided to use old recipes to produce in my laboratory an olive tree leaves’ water infusion that I called OLIVUM®.


Testing through rigorous chemical/physical analysis (University of Trieste, Italy, Faculty of Farmacy) the constant presence in the water infusion of the active principles typical of olive tree leaves, I decided to start producing an extraordinary line of products.


I had a dream. The initial dream: to make my products, new to the world,  available to the largest number of people, distributing wellness and offering the possibility to considerably improve their social status.


I started distributing the products the traditional way – herbalist’s shops, pharmacys and wellness oriented stores - ...but in spite of sales’ success I wasn’t satisfied: communication was too slow. This is why EVERGREEN LIFE Products was born, a Multi Level Marketing Company directed towards physical and material health of anybody who cares for his/her wellness, sharing the benefits with others and getting the right economic advantage.


EVERGREEN LIFE Products is a Multi Level Marketing Company that internally produces the active principle of all products. For this reason it offers the widest guarantees of quality of its products.


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